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(Japanese Hand Towels)

Vol.02 SHOYU
(Japanese Soy Sauce)

Vol.03 WASHI
(Japanese Paper)

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About this e-book series
Many foods, everyday implements, and other items found in the Japanese home are the products of a long tradition of fine, careful “slow craft”.
This series looks at some of those items most valued by the Japanese people themselves, revealing how they are made and how they are used.

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About us
“airy rhyme, inc” was established in 2008 as a publication company by Japanese female editors holding strong compassion and respect for traditional methods of manufacturing foods and crafts. Up until now, their diverse publication includes recipe books of home-made cuisine, reportages of manufacturers and craftsmen, the current situation of Japanese farming, modern cooking techniques as well as different lifestyles found in the Japanese four seasons.

Our Mission
With our hope and desire to preserve the treasured and long-established Japanese expertise and skills, our given mission is to advocate outputs of such skills more on a global basis in order to increase the number of users and consumers as many as possible.
For this reason, when we go out to buy food, utensils or clothes nowadays, we tend to give more importance and pay extra attention to the way we select and purchase products in relevance to a certain criteria.
As globalization expands more and more worldwide, long-loved traditional items of a particular country also begins to expose increased national identity.
While on the other hand, such products are also at risk of disappearing due to its weakness in competing within the price market. Japanese quality goods are cherished for their beauty, preciseness and every small details included. Items created by professionals who spend long hours on each product can only deliver them in limited quantity and thus with no doubt will raise their price. However, one can recognize its magnificence when you take and look at that specific item with your own hands. We would like to pave the way forward to present the richness of such appreciated traditional items to anyone who can also find and share the meaning found in such products created with great care. Moreover, we are convinced that if such consumers can add these valuable products to their favorite and/or wish lists, such behavioral change will prosper consumption and minimize prices which will hopefully groom successors

Criteria for selection of target items
1. Items produced in full conformity with traditional methods which have existed from the past.

2. Items that have long supported and established a living for many Japanese including manufacturers of raw materials and tool craftsmen.

3. Items that enrich the quality of everyday lives, provide the joy of eating and add significance and value in its usage even in our present time.

4. Items must incorporate a particular technology and/or skill which have uniquely contributed to the development and growth of Japan.

Yuma Tobishima
Keisuke Nakamura

Photography:Kengo Motoie

Styling:Hiroe Kushio

Front End Engineer:Ascend Corporation
Shuichi Fujisawa
Any inquiries to airy rhyme by TEL (+81-3-5412-8108) or EMAIL